Producers of Atlas Shrugged Movies Have Reeeally Thin Skin


By Jay Kirell

Tuesday morning I stumbled out of bed, bleeped off my first tweet of the morning about considering going out to see the movie Elysium:

A harmless joke. I’ve watched parts of the Atlas Shrugged movies. They didn’t seem any worse than any other typical B-movie. I had read up on the plot and I’m passingly familiar with Ayn Rand. Not my cup of tea, to put it politely, but if that’s your thing, go for it.

Thinking nothing of it, I moved on to the rest of my day.

Apparently the folks who produced the actual Atlas Shrugged movies felt I offended them:

Wow. I don’t follow Atlas Shrugged stuff. I don’t read the books or take an interest in the philosophy behind them. I know they bombed at the box office and got horrible reviews:

To which they replied:

Oh joy. I had to point out a distressing fact to the producers in order to dissuade them:

They have yet to reply. But I’m not sure anything they could say back would be more stinging than the thought of another Atlas Shrugged coming down the pike.

I’ll leave this open for any future correspondence from a twitter feed that appears to take itself way too seriously.

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